The Free Design

Greetings all. I’m traveling an hour or so north of Toronto to interview Sandy Dedrick of The Free Design. Incredible band with the best Xmas song title of all-time: “Close Your Mouth (It’s Christmas)”

Back in 1968, when it was recorded, they called it The NOW SOUND of Christmas…but the NOW sound (and the philosophy behind it) still prevails today !

Chris Dedrick and the band take Christmas music seriously, but not in an overtly religious sense. They recognize the holiday for its importance as a time for reflection, for telling those you love how you feel about them, to paying attention to your fellow man … pretty basic concepts. But those ideals of the holiday are getting lost, and what Chris espouses is that we need to take a moment and reflect upon what matters most.

And to me, their music does just that. It takes us to that place where we can feel a “spiritual” connection to the holiday and its inherent rituals and themes of family, togetherness, kindness and hope.

Sadly, I missed sitting down with Christopher Dedrick, who passed away in July of 2010. If you’ve never heard of Free Design before, you must check them out!