Bienvenue a Whoville

We’re here in Montreal setting up for the filming of my PITCH PORTION of our upcoming Indie Go Go Campaign. Last night, while everyone else was partying up a storm at the World Premiere of my partners’ latest opus The Fruit Hunters, I was busy as an elf decorating my editor, Ryan Mullin’s, office to reflect that Whoville vibe we’re going for… whadya think ?

All Aboard!

WOW! The shortest and one of the most worthwhile trips I’ve taken to this fabulous city. Found an incredible bargoon at the newly renovated (and very clean) Days Inn on Broadway in the upper West Side. I highly recommend it to anyone travelling to The Big Apple on a budget (isn’t that everyone these days? 😉  

Met with bebop pioneer Bob Dorough to cull thru the hundreds of fabulous archival photos and other memorabilia he has from 8 decades playing music. EIGHT decades, you read that correctly. What an inspiration! As I write this Bob is in Chattanooga, for a week long solo gig. The man is turning 89 in December and still travels and plays several times a month wherever and with whomever will have the courage to book him. His longtime collaborator, left-hand man and stellar guitarist, Steve Berger and I spent a fabulous evening watching footage and reminiscing about Bob’s incredible career.

Anywhoo, as is amply evident, I could gush about Mr. Dorough for hours. But this post is meant to wish Gotham a fine farewell and say Bonjour to Montreal where I am heading now on the Amtrak Line thru the stunning Adirondacks!

Miles Davis in Scrooged? Bah, humbug!

After all these years I finally watched SCROOGED (starring Bill Murray)  for the first time on my flight to JFK. I’ve been dying to see it for years, esp. since there is an infamous scene with Miles Davis, David Sanborn & Paul Shaffer (who composed the music for the film and who I am certain was the driving force behind persuading Miles to actually APPEAR in the film!) … Hard to believe Miles agreed to appear as a “starving” jazz player, even allowing the filmmakers to position him on a New York City street corner with a suitcase begging for donations!

There’s ANOTHER. much cooler connection that Miles Davis has to Christmas and New York City. It concerns a song that holds the distinction of being the only tune Miles ever recorded with a vocalist, “Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)” the hippest jazz xmas tune ever recorded, and likely the most obscure of Miles Davis distinguished and varied oeuvre.

I’ll be dropping a soecific post about this song a little later, but suffice to say, the folks behind the creation of Scrooged (tho a fine film it is) could have truly upped the Xmas ante by having Miles Davis play BOB’s Song, instead of the royalty free ancient carol that was chosen for that street corner performance of “We Three Kings”.