Christmas Jollies

Some fab news by way of The Big Apple: Hot on the heels of the publication of his hugely successful epic tome on the history of Def Jam Records label, our esteemed Christmas music collector, Mr. Bill Adler, has upped the ante yet again this year with an extra special edition of “Christmas Jollies”. The 2011 compilation is being hosted by the good folks over at Complex Magazine! Replete with amazing visuals and astute commentary, its an absolute MUST SEE & HEAR this Christmas season:

In his missive on the opportunity to collaborate with Complex Magazine, Bill had this to say:

“The good people at Complex magazine are now streaming all of “Xmas Jollies 2011” — my annual CD compilation of holiday tunes — on their website. I’d be over the moon in any case, but they’ve enhanced my presentation by giving every song its own page, featuring a wonderful photo of the performer and “liner notes” by yours truly. A thousand thanks to Complex’s Rob Kenner and his crew. As far as I’m concerned, Christmas came today.”

Clarence Clemons Christmas Treasures discovered!

Some incredible news…We lost The Big Man in June of this year…But waaay back before then, during his peak early 80s (1981 to be exact) Clarence recorded TWO Christmas tunes which have not seen the light of day until this week.

Two Christmas songs that he recorded back in 1981 have been located and released through iTunes, Amazon and other download sites by Oceangate Records.
The release includes Clemons’ take on There’s Still Christmas, written by Dennis Bourke and the late Stevie Betts, along with the classic Christmas Song (Chestnuts).
You can grab these two nuggets courtesy of Oceangate Records via Amazon or iTunes and a few other select music sites !!!
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Coldplay release new Xmas song…

Brit rockstars Coldplay have released a somber Christmas song for all those with broken or soon to be broken hearts this season…listen and weep