Jingle Bell Rocks on BBC Radio!

The good folks at BBC RADIO 4 have created a special programme on Alternative Christmas Music. Yours truly gave one of the best interviews of his life, but they cut me out entirely…OK by me cuz that means more room for Bob Dorough and Andy Cirzan to discuss Blue Xmas, Jingle Bell Rocks! and the other great songs featured in our movie! 

BBC Radio 4
Tuesday December 11 at 11h30 GMT. 
Sparklab On Air
An Alternative Christmas – BBC Radio 4 TX 11th December 2012. Rev. Richard Coles uncovers a treasure trove of Christmas tracks that were recorded but remained unplayed and forgotten, until now.

Jingle Bell Rocks! in the news

In an interview with culture writer Steve Burgess of thetyee.ca, I tell the story of how John Waters got involved in our film.

Steve gets it. He writes: “Many factors can make a Christmas hater — choking on Lego, early exposure to the Star Wars Christmas Special, Fox News. But for some it’s the music. Like the third-rate candy that briefly goes mainstream to fill Halloween demand, the likes of Burl Ives and Andy Williams re-emerge to set up camp in your ear canal come the holiday season. Even John and Yoko get tiresome after awhile.”

Read the story here.

Jingle Bell Rocks! Top Ten in the news

I had a fantastic conversation with Brad Wheeler of the Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) who interviewed me about my documentary and Christmas music generally. Given my love of SOOO MANY Christmas pop songs, it was virtually impossible to limit myself to my top ten, but I gave it my best effort. The comments section of then GLOBE ARTICLE ONLINE will provide you with a sense of the tunes I apparently missed ; )

But there were two songs that I truly regret didn’t make the cut. 

One is by a legendary Baltimore Disc Jockey named Paul “FAT DADDY” Johnson. He recorded an incredible Xmas tune called “Fat Daddy Claus” which I own a copy of on 45 rpm (it as released as a limited ediotion / promo to radio stations in the early 70s). You can also HEAR IT on youtube.

The SECOND tune was a stretch but it’s a guilty pleasure: Robert Goulet released TWO Christmas albums during his illustrious career, and he covered the standard chestnuts we all know and love… But, a couple of WEIRD ones slipped by, including my fave: Hurry Home for Christmas which I just marvel at every time I hear it.