Hola! El Vez Fans!

As many of you know, I’ve been a huge El VEZ booster ever since a very kind old friend Ron took me to my first Merry Mex-Mas show at the now long gone Club Soda in 1999…I was blown away by how goddam sexy EL was (and still is) not to mention his energy & ingeniousness in terms of performance Β β€” with the extraordinarily lovely El-Vettes & The Spiders Of Mars + all its set pieces and glamorous Bowie-esque costume changes β€” but also how inventive the Xmas Song Mashups were…This was WAAAY before DJs were mashing songs together to create something new and engaging. [Read more…]

Sirfjam CONQUERS Christmas!

Well, this is a dream come true…The inimitable Jewish Xmas music lover is embarking upon a full-fledged XMAS tour this coming November & December… Sadly, there are NO Canadian dates, but he is in Seattle on Dec 8th for all you West Coasters.

TIX go on sale for MOST venues this Friday at 12 noon EST. Grab em or be forever doomed to a lacklustre Christmas season ! Find out more here.