Joseph “Rev Run DMC” Simmons

is one of the founding members of the seminal 1980s hiphop masters RUN D.M.C. Together with Jason William Mizell (a.k.a. Jam-Master Jay, DJ Jazzy Jase) and Darryl Matthews McDaniels (a.k.a. DMC, Easy D, Darryl Mac) the three exploded exploded out of Hollis, Queens, in 1983, (more…)

Clarence Carter

is a legendary soul singer whose career has spanned over five decades, including the hit songs “Slip Away,” “Too Weak to Fight,” “Snatching It Back,” “Making Love (At the Dark End of the Street),” “The Feeling Is Right,” “Doing Our Thing,” and “Patches,” all for famed label Atlantic Records. (more…)

Bob Dorough

Pianist, singer and composer Bob Dorough knows no generation gap. At 84 years old he’s still touring and packing houses all over the world. Dorough embodies the voice of the modern hipster, with his distinctive reed-like tone, bebop inspired (more…)

Chris Dedrick & The Free Design

released seven albums between 1967 and 1973. Chris, Bruce, Sandy and Ellen Dedrick were brothers and sisters with harmonic and melodious singing styles. The sound of Free Design is modern, rich orchestration with a choral (more…)

Alan Sparhawk & Mimi Parker of Low

are the founding members of this Duluth, Minnesota indie rock band. Low’s music features slow tempos and minimalist arrangements, but Parker and Sparhawk’s striking vocal harmonies are the group’s most distinctive element. (more…)

El Vez

Dubbed the “thinking man’s Elvis” El Vez is a post-modern punk rock king with a Latin twist, the Chicano experience filtered through the soul of Elvis Presley. As a singer & songwriter, El Vez is a true original, having created LIVE music mashups (more…)

Dr. Demento

(aka Barry Hansen) is a legendary L.A. disc jockey and musicologist. He is one of the key figures in the development of the Christmas novelty song and was the first American DJ to champion the work of musical legends Spike Jones, Tiny Tim, (more…)

Bill Adler

was the director of publicity for Def Jam Recordings and Rush Artist Management from 1984 through 1990, when he promoted the careers of hip-hop legends Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, 3rd Bass, and Slick Rick, (more…)

Andy Cirzan

is VP of Jam Productions Ltd, one of the largest independent concert promoters in North America. Andy is also the godfather of Christmas music collectors and possesses several thousand of the strangest, weirdest, most obscure Christmas singles around. Andy’s odd and amazing collection includes (more…)

James Austin

is VP of A&R at Rhino Records, universally regarded as the coolest record label around, this L.A. based company supports the most interesting, eclectic and electrifying music across many genres. A self-confessed Christmas music nut, James has not only (more…)

Phil Kline

Kline’s signature boombox composition UNSILENT NIGHT debuted on the sidewalks of Greenwich Village in 1992 and is now a cult holiday tradition. It has spread to cities like Baltimore, Charleston, (more…)

David Wisdom

is a Canadian radio icon who hosted a slew of amazing late-night radio programs over the past 30 years. David’s annual Christmas specials were filled with some of the strangest holiday music ever performed or heard. Songs that were (more…)