Le Fin du Vinyle? Heavens, no!

OMGWD! I just stepped back in time and straight onto the set of the great Stephen Frears film “High Fidelity” … but instead of starring John Cusack, this version of the movie featured my new pal Otis Fodder, and is set in Montreal, still circa 1985 at an incredible record store called “Death of Vinyl”.

Otis brought me here after weeks of hyping the place and its two lovely owners Steve & Dan. And lemme tell you, this shop did not disappoint. As happens often to me, I dropped in at just the right time because Steve had only the day before, dug up all their Christmas stock leftover from last season, and placed it in the bins atop which sits a marijuana leaf and Xmas stocking.

I knew I was in for for some treasures when, three LPs in, I found a copy of Canadian jazz icon Guido Basso’s sweet 70s instrumental Christmas album. Not MINT by any stretch, but fine enough that i can now preview both sides and determine if it’s worth shelling out the $ 200+ it usually goes for on eBay or GEMM. Price I paid? $ 1.49 ;P

La Fin Du Vinyle was named the best of the TEN BEST!

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